You will find just the right colofer® product for any application.

High-quality products for every requirement.

  • Architects Discovered the design possibilities of colofer® vario. This unique product combines the advantages and outstanding processing properties of organic-coated steel strip with a wide variety of appearances.
  • Tinners and metal roofing We recommend this high-quality product with unique processing properties and guarantees with two specially developed steel grades for tinners.
  • Technically demanding applications Are you planning an application exposed to harsh environmental conditions? In environments where other products fail, you can't go wrong with colofer® plus.
  • Drainage Roof drainage systems are an essential part of any building, and thus a design element with an important function. Accordingly, they must be very convincing in terms of appearance and performance.
  • Roofing tiles A home that is built to last. The roof is the most important line of defense between the comfort of a home and the elements.

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