colofer® vario Design overview

colofer® vario

More than just a creative steel facade

What is colofer® vario?
colofer® vario is a high-quality pre-painted steel made by voestalpine. Consisting of a steel core and an organic coating it can be used as a facade or a roof element. colofer® vario is extremely resistant to corrosion and UV. It offers up to 30 years guarantee and features outstanding workability. colofer® vario, a pre-material made in Austria, allows customers to combine numerous product advantages of organic coated steel with a selection of attractive surface designs.

Where can colofer® vario be used?
It can be used both on the interior and exterior. Consistent use of high-quality parts makes it possible to use colofer® vario in areas ranging from regions with low risk environments (corrosivity category C2) to regions with medium to high-risk environments (corrosivity categories C3 and C4) such as urban and industrial atmospheres. With the highest possible UV resistance according to the standard it can also be used in regions with an elevation of more than 900 m as well as south of the 37th parallel north. 

What components can be produced?
voestalpine supplies renowned component manufacturers throughout Europe with colofer® vario. This allows you to choose from an extensive portfolio of components produced from colofer® vario.

About the voestalpine Stahl GmbH
voestalpine Stahl GmbH is one of the leading steel producers of Europe. We deliver to and consult customers in the automotive, construction, mechanical engineering, household appliance, tube, section and energy industries. voestalpine Stahl GmbH operates a fully integrated metallurgical plant that combines all the processing steps at a single location: coking plant, blast furnace, steelmaking plant, hot-rolling and cold-rolling mill, galvanizing and pre-painting lines. This is how we bundle our expertise to the advantage of our customers.

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