colofer® vs. powder-coated

Advantages of pre-coated steel coils

Converting to powder coating on colofer® has numerous benefits!

Enormous diversity of design

The flexibility of colofer® easily provides for new dimensions, components or product series, a nearly unlimited selection of colors (including metallic) and a wide variety of designs (including stainless steel or carbon).


Highest degree of functionality

colofer® can be processed in many different ways. Forming is possible with the narrowest bending radii, deep drawing or roll-forming. In addition, colofer® features excellent corrosion protection.


Flexibility in production operations

Your changing demands can be flexibly met with colofer®, and bottlenecks can be avoided in the painting process.


Compliance with all environmental regulations

colofer® complies with RoHs regulations, REACH requirements and environmental management standards. This way you factor out all the environmental restrictions connected with the painting process.


Simplified logistics and a coordinated package

By choosing colofer®, you bundle the logistics of all the required steel products and profit from a comprehensive package that includes steel grades adapted to your specifications and a coating that is perfect for all your requirements.


Cost savings

The use of precoated steel strip both increases quality and reduces costs.

Analyses show potential savings of up to 30 percent

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