colofer® receives Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

The Environmental Product Declaration provides clear information on the ecological assessment of colofer® and was published by the Institute for Construction and Environment (IBU) in Berlin. EPD for the entire colofer® product portfolio

As an eco-pioneer, voestalpine long placed its main focus in production on the environmental aspect of colofer®. This made communications more transparent and reliable with respect environmental information and made the publication of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) a natural next step.

The Environmental Product Declaration was issued by the Institute for Construction and Environment (IBU) in Berlin. The EPD meets all the requirements of ISO 14025 with respect to environmental labels. The basis of EPD is an ecological assessment that meets the stipulations of EN 15804 and ISO 14044. The EPD remains in effect until 30 May 2022 and applies to the entire range of colofer® products as well as to its respective applications in the construction and household-appliance industries.

As a member organization, we support the designated objectives of the Institute for Construction and Environment (IBU) in Berlin, particularly with respect to the promotion of sustainable construction. The IBU runs a type-III environmental declaration program in compliance with ISO 14025. The creation of environmental product declarations and their publication as part of the operations of IBU makes it necessary for us to provide all environmental information pertaining to our products and make this information publicly available. The data contained in the EPD are based on an ecological assessment that meets the provisions of EN 15804 and ISO 14044 and must be certified by independent auditors. EPDs are not an assessment of the environmental compatibility of a product, but they provide experts from a wide variety of different disciplines, e.g. architects, technical specialists, engineers and auditors with a source of reliable and independently verified data. These data make it possible for such experts to make well founded decisions and complete required evaluations as part of their integrated planning efforts, for example in the selection of products and building certifications.

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