Turnout Cleaning

The optimum add-on to the rail and track care system – environment-friendly turnout and track cleaning with the suction and flushing unit SuSE.

SuSE is a combined suction and flushing unit whose two cleaning components can be operated independent of each other. The new innovative system complements the conventional rail care system by a particular environmentally friendly collection of sediments and rail machining residues. Due to the selective use of the suction and/or flushing unit the system can be adjusted to the weather conditions, the cleaning level or superstructure type.

Turnout Cleaning

Classical fields of application:

  • Removal of rail machining residues on slab track or ballasted track superstructures
  • Pollution in the ballasted track bed (e.g. brake sand residues, litter and if applicable loose dirt)
  • Selective cleaning in tunnel superstructures (slab track)
Turnout Cleaning

Advantage and benefit:

  • Application in track and turnout facilities of various construction types up to a minimum radius of 190m and a standard gauge of 1.435 mm
  • Increase of the availability of the turnouts including signaling components in tracks
  • High-degree of flexibility due to the selective use of both cleaning components. Optimum solution for application parameters such as superstructure type, station areas, tunnels, pollution level and weather condition
  • Environment-friendliness: residues of rail machining do not get into the sewage water system and only a very small quantity of process water is consumed. Good cleaning results are achieved without the use of chemical cleaning agents