voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace

Quality Managment

Quality Excellence – Certified Quality Management for Worldwide Success

voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace, as one of the leading manufacturers of forging products for the aerospace industry and other segments with high demands worldwide, has a certified quality management system in place in accordance with the international standards AS9100/EN9100 and ISO9001.

This is vital for us to continue to be a global player and a preferred partner in the aircraft industry and in the energy sector, meeting their demanding technical and quality requirements.

Our quality management system has been implemented company-wide and guarantees reliable compliance with the processes and production requirements set by our customers. It involves our entire range of services.

We furthermore involve our suppliers and sub-contractors as partners in our quality system processes to ensure a reliable supply chain for our customers over the long term.

The specialized technical processes we use in producing components for the aerospace industry have been approved to meet the strict requirements of PRI/NADCAP.

In addition to this, our quality management systems and our process cycles have been approved and are audited on a regular basis by all of our key customers and by leading OEMs.

One clearly stated goal at voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace is to improve our procedures, products and services continuously and sustainably. Thus, the high demands of all of our partners with shared interests will be met, guaranteeing in the long run, an economically stable, competitively viable company.

Approvals & Certificates