French Ambassador visits voestalpine in Kapfenberg 3 minutes spent reading

French Ambassador visits voestalpine in Kapfenberg

Julia Hermetter

The 2016 European Football Championship has turned attention to the business activities of Austrian companies in the competition's host country France. On Tuesday, June 14, 2016, Pascal Teixeira da Silva, French Ambassador to Austria, visited voestalpine subsidiary Böhler Schmiedetechnik’s production site in Kapfenberg.


BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik engine mount

France is an important market for the company, particularly in the Aerospace sector. As the global leader in special forgings for aerospace applications, Böhler Schmiedetechnik customers include French aircraft manufacturer Airbus.


Pascal Teixeira da Silva, ambassador of France, on his visit in Austria.
Copyright: City of Kapfenberg

Over the past years voestalpine has established itself as an important partner to the automotive, railway and aerospace industries in France, particularly in the growing mobility sector. The focus of French Ambassador Pascal Teixeira da Silva’s visit to Böhler Schmiedetechnik, a subsidiary in the voestalpine Group’s Special Steel Division, was the aerospace products and technologies which are produced at the site in Kapfenberg. Highly stress-resistant parts produced by the Styrian company are currently used in almost all of major French aircraft manufacturer Airbus’s aircraft programs. They supply components for engines and engine mountings, for the fuselage, wings and tail unit, as well as components for landing gear, doors and hatches.

During the tour of the plant Ambassador Pascal Teixeira da Silva also inspected the heart of the production site in Kapfenberg–one of the world’s largest screw presses on which near net shape parts are forged with a press force of 35,500 tons. This type of processing allows the weight of highly stress-resistant aerospace components to be reduced without sacrificing safety. For example, a titanium forged part, weighing almost 70 kg and used in mounting the engine, must withstand over 200,000 hp of thrust whilst at the same time being appropriately lightweight.

Annual order volumes to the value of around EUR 73 billion (2014) in the French aerospace industry promise continued positive market prospects for voestalpine subsidiary Böhler Schmiedetechnik.

voestalpine in France

voestalpine is represented by twelve companies across all four Group divisions in France, the host of this year’s European Football Championship. During the business year 2015/16 the Group generated revenue of around EUR 470 million in France, with a total of around 900 employees. As well as Airbus, major French customers include the automotive manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroën and French railway operator SNCF. Around 3% of voestalpine shares are currently held by French investors.

Böhler Schmiedetechnik GmbH & Co KG

Böhler Schmiedetechnik, a subsidiary in the Special Steel Division, is a metal processing company specialized in the production of special forged parts in high performance materials such as titanium alloys, high alloy steels and nickel-based alloys. For more than 20 years the aerospace sector has been the company’s main market–currently over 90 percent of its EUR 240 million in revenue (BY 2015/16) is generated in this sector. Böhler Schmiedetechnik technologies are used in components installed by all the major aircraft manufacturers.