The future of strip coating 2 minutes spent reading

The future of strip coating

Volkmar Held

In developing and producing wear-resistant and visually attractive pre-coated steel strip, the future is naturally always kept in mind. This is another reason voestalpine began in 2015 to offer a guarantee period of up to 40 years for its high-end products. But the experts at voestalpine are also working on future trends – on materials with features that have not yet been imagined.

For pre-coated steel strip from voestalpine, the future means a wide range of colors, long-lasting protection and new features. It also means thinking of protecting the environment in production.

Future materials

voestalpine works relentlessly to develop the most advanced pre-coated products. Kitchen surfaces that are made from steel but feel like wood, for example, combine the advantages of both materials. As a result, state-of-the-art technologies are used to make designers’ dreams come true.

The experts at voestalpine are continuing their relentless efforts to advance the options offered by our coating technology. What if a cladding made from steel strip could one day communicate with its surroundings? If, for example, a steel-clad front door could recognize the hands of the homeowner and automatically open? Pre-coated steel will maintain its importance as a modern material even in the age of the Internet of Things.

For the environment

For many years now, voestalpine has been turning visions into reality when it comes to protecting the environment. Back in 1998, the coatings were designed so that water-polluting chromate could be eliminated. By 2016 voestalpine had already produced the 6 millionth metric ton of pre-coated steel strip using this environmentally friendly technology.

The use of organically based raw materials instead of fossil raw materials is also an important topic in coating. Together with suppliers in the chemical industry, efforts are being aimed at replacing petroleum-based coatings with developments made from renewable raw materials.

Pre-coated steel strip from voestalpine is a product with many production steps that are continuously being improved by the company’s employees. From roof and wall claddings to rain gutters, refrigerators and coffee machines – voestalpine not only offers a broad range of products for the construction industry but also is among Europe’s top suppliers of pre-coated material for modern appliances in the home: with a wide range of variations, using the latest technologies and with a very promising future.