Focus on technology shows what we stand for and what voestalpine is all about 2 minutes spent reading

Focus on technology shows what we stand for and what voestalpine is all about

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)
Holds editorial responsibility for blog topics, is researching and writing articles. Her stories give insights into the world of the voestalpine Group.

Starting February 20, 2017, the communication focus “technology” will take center stage. In coming months we will examine the concept of technology and its importance for us at voestalpine, using examples of products, developments and technologies to show the innovative strength of the company.

Image and brand campaignWe as voestalpine are a technology and capital goods company that leads the world in its business segments, drawing strength from its combined expertise in materials and processing and from its view of continuous development as an opportunity. This courage to continuously change is demonstrated in more and more innovative and advanced product and process solutions, which have an equally clear impact on the development of our product portfolio. Today about 70 percent of our turnover is in capital goods like intelligent turnout systems, aircraft and automotive components made from a wide variety of metals, and in special coatings for the latest trends in the household appliance industry – and much more. Together, we are taking the future into our own hands.

Want to know more? Follow reports, opinions and various perspectives on our “Technology” focus page. Share text, infographics and video that shows others what we stand for and what we as voestalpine are all about!

Together we will find the answers in the coming months to the following questions:

  • What does the concept of “technology” actually mean to us?
  • Why are we called a technology and capital goods company and why is that so important?
  • What technological developments make our daily tasks easier and improve the world we are living in?
  • Which technologies are we using within the company, what have we invented ourselves and what have we made our own in order to continuously improve our products and systems?

All information about the focus on technology can be found on the microsite:

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)