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Austrian Design Explosion

Viktoria Steininger
Redaktionell verantwortlich für die Themen am Blog, recherchiert und schreibt Viktoria Steininger auch selbst und gibt mit Geschichten Einblicke in den voestalpine-Konzern.

Design exhibition is showcasing 120 Austrian companies and creative professionals as part of EXPO 2015



To celebrate Austria’s participation in EXPO 2015 in Milan, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is presenting the Austrian Design Explosion exhibition from June 26th to July 5th, 2015 at the Triennale Design Museum, one of the most renowned design institutions in the world. Key examples of Austria’s design and technology landscape will be presented, along with work from other related sectors such as architecture, fashion, music, film and art.

The exhibits also include voestalpine car parts made of lightweight steel:

  • Doors for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • B pillars for the Porsche Panamera

The event is taking place as part of the EXPO Milano 2015 as well as the go-international internationalisation initiative run by Austria’s Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

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Viktoria Steininger