Villares Metals opens its doors to employees’ families 2 minutes spent reading

Villares Metals opens its doors to employees’ families

Stephanie Bauer
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For the past year Villares Metals has been opening its doors to the families of its employees, allowing them to see where their loved ones work, and find out more about the company and its activities.

“We realized that employees enjoy doing what they do, and want to share this with their families,” explains Fátima Pozzutto, Head of Human Resources at Villares Metals S.A. The “Family at Villares Metals” program now enables employees to show family members where they work. Sixty people took part on the first visiting day, and there’s already a waiting list for the next visits. This indicates that the program—which involved a significant amount of planning—can be considered a success.

"“We all spend many hours at work every day, and many employees—even those who have worked here for years—have never had the chance to show their families where they work.” "
Marcelo de Carvalho, head of the program at Villares Metals

Zero risk

After being greeted by the plant director, visitors are given a tour of the entire production site, from the raw materials area, to the steel mill, the rolling mill, and the forging shop, and on to see the finished products, research & development, and even the laboratory. Engineers explain each stage, accompanied by safety engineers who ensure the tour proceeds smoothly. Just as for employees, the company’s primary concern is the safety of the families: safety comes first.

Designing a risk-free guided tour undertaken during normal operating conditions required close cooperation between all the areas involved, from general program planning right through to the exact timetable which can be reused for every visitor day.

Even so, says Gerson Graciano, who runs the department for forged products: “Our guiding principle was to provide as many people as possible with an overview of the key production processes.”

A long-held wish

But all the effort was worthwhile, believes Francisco who works in production: “Villares Metals is our second home and part of our lives. We spend considerable time here.” After all, he has worked at the company for 32 years. Therefore it’s understandable that he wants to show his family his second home. And Francisco is not the only one who thinks like this. Over the years many employees have suggested finding a way of introducing the company to their families, confirms Marcelo de Carvalho, who runs the program: “This makes it an even greater pleasure to open the doors of Villares Metals to family members.”

Stephanie Bauer