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The understanding of individual processes

André Padilha Penteado

In his second blog article our international "high mobility pool" member, André Padilha Penteado from Brazil, talks about his past tasks and their complexity in the voestalpine Group.

High Mobility Pool 2013In October 2013 I was assigned to a project within the Steel Division in Linz. The Product Management and Segment Marketing is a department within Marketing. It is responsible for monitoring market information, organizing campaigns and the interface between sales and technical department. My project ended in February 2014 and its objective was to cross match the customer needs with our sales and production process. I started with an extensive research and interviewed over 15 employees, from sales, planning, technical support, quality and custom support. I gathered and mapped data in order to suggest improvements toward production flexibility and customer satisfaction.

I was in touch with the Steel Division products, marketing and sales efforts. I didn’t know how complex is to adjust all the Steel Production restrictions to the customer orders.

"It was very interesting to me to see on a daily basis how all departments connected by a Marketing Strategy can reach the Steel Division growth target."
ZitatAndré Padilha Penteado, High Mobility Pool 2013
André Padilha Penteado
Bereich: voestalpine AG
Im Unternehmen seit: 2013
Ausbildung: Civil-Production Engineer
André Padilha Penteado