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Production facility for cold stamping, hot forming, automotive components and after-market solutions

voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc. is the new base for supplying ultra-high strength body-in-white components for premium car manufacturers. The scope of work covered at the site ranges from pressed parts and assembly, to hot forming and laser-welded blanks. The newly opened plant will primarily produce high quality automotive components (body-in-white parts):

The Cartersville site is an important step for voestalpine, enabling it to provide high quality support to local customers. The geographical proximity to customers is also important, with many products being subject to a tight time frame between production and processing.

voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc. is the anchor tenant at Highland 75 Industrial Park, Bartow County, Georgia. The voestalpine site in Georgia has developed rapidly since opening in spring 2014. By 2020 a total of 450 new jobs will be created at a total investment cost of 70 million dollars in several project phases. As a rapidly growing company, we are always looking for qualified personnel and talented people to join us. You can find out more about our current vacancies and career opportunities in the career section.

Edward L. Bledsoe II

President and CEO

T: +1/678/535-5330

E: edward.bledsoe@voestalpine.com

Oliver Kaesser

Vice President and COO

T: +1/678/535-5323

E: oliver.kaesser@voestalpine.com

Structural parts

We offer all kinds of high quality structural parts for automotive.

voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc. is able to produce all kinds of steel and aluminum structural parts and components. We have mechanical presses going up to 1100 tons and can process different kinds of material ranging from mild steel and aluminum up to high strength steel.

Specific examples of structural parts produced by voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc. are:

  • Reinforcements
  • A-pillars
  • B-pillars
  • Beams
  • Fenders


The assembly of components is one of our major capabilities.

In the assembly department pre-formed outer-, inner- and structural parts are assembled into complete, fit to be mounted on the vehicles, doors, bonnets, boot lids, tail-gates and other body parts for different automotive manufacturers. Both in steel and aluminum.

We use manual insertion processes on our smaller press to fit sheet-metal components with other additional components like rivets, springs and clips. This means that at this early stage, we can already define contact points, make connections with other components and prepare click-fit elements for use at a later stage.

To provide our customers with high-quality products we use various production means and techniques in our various robotized universal automated assembly cells such as:

  • Clinching (joining the sheet metal parts together)
  • Sealing and glueing
  • Different types of welding (i.e. spot welding, resistance welding and MIG/MAG-welding)

We also work constructively, efficiently and fast in our assembly processes. Whether we are carrying out fully-automated production of assemblies or manual assembly work, we give components added value during the assembly process, e.g. by clinching or pressing in nuts and bolts.

Specific examples of assemblies produced by voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc. are:

  • Engine front covers
  • Tank ventilation tubes
  • Pulsers
  • Airbag housings
  • Driving collars
  • Roof rails


We produce powertrain components high in performance and quality.

voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc. is able to produce engine and gearbox components made from sheet steel, aluminum or composed material. Our SE (Simultaneous Engineering) team is assisting the research and development of our OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in order to develop feasible designs for:

  • Oilpans
  • Covers
  • Heat shields
  • Brackets

phs-ultraform®: The revolution in automotive light-weight design.

phs-ultraform® stands for press-hardened steel components made of hot-dip galvanized steel strip produced by voestalpine. The phs-ultraform® product combines light-weight design, corrosion protection and increased automotive safety. phs-ultraform® is used in crash- and corrosion-resistant components such as automotive stiffeners, A and B pillars, sills, tunnels and bulkheads.

Community engagement has been a long-standing tradition for voestalpine.

voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc. has made a name for its high quality automotive components. But more than this, the company engages with local communities in many different ways.

Here are some examples of our local community engagement:

  • We support the training of young people and offer apprenticeships to the students of the Bartow County College & Career Academy.
  • We are part of the Cartersville-Bartow County Chamber of Commerce.
  • We collaborate with the Georgia Department of Labor. 
  • We support the High Museum of Art in Atlanta in 2015.

Moreover, we are aware of our social responsibility for the current but also for future generations and therefore focus on environmentally friendly production methods.

Although part of a global group, this demonstrates the extent to which the company sees itself as a regional player and part of the local community. 

Become a vendor with voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc.

voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc. is continually looking for dedicated and innovative regional and international suppliers for required materials. Preferred suppliers are those who work toward optimizing added value for the customer. It is not only a matter of effective pricing. The intention of voestalpine is to further improve the high quality of our products and services with innovative approaches. We require our suppliers to hold ISO 9001 and/or ISO/TS 16949 certification.

Therefore we are seeking to do business with suppliers who are:

  • Strong-performing: We work together with the best and expect readiness to continuous improvement.
  • Quality conscious: Our suppliers meet our high quality standards.
  • Partnerlike: Responsible long-term cooperation is our aim.

Due to a strict implementation of our purchasing strategy we want to sustainedly:

  • cut acquisition prices
  • raise quality of acquired goods and services
  • reduce and optimize stockkeeping
  • increase customer satisfaction

We achieve this by:

  • consistent management of commodities and suppliers
  • acting focused on supplier management
  • design and implementation of commodity management
  • design and implementation of supplier strategies
  • enduring improvement of processes

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact our Purchasing Manager Peter Crawford:

Peter Crawford

Purchasing Manager

T: +1/678/535-5301

F: +1/678/535-5338

E: peter.crawford@voestalpine.com

Our goal is to achieve 100% quality on a daily basis.

As a process and materials specialist, we join ranks with our customers to develop product solutions that live up to ever-higher requirements and ensure a successful market presence for our customers. Long-term partnerships, high quality standards and a drive for innovations make us the top professional partner for innovative automotive body parts.

The quality management system of voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc. has been certified according to ISO 9001 and VDA 6.1. These certifications are the base for our internal procedures and working instructions that guarantee the quality level of the output of our processes.

Quality creates safety and is an indispensable requirement for long-term success. It is an essential part of the activities of voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc. to safeguard maximum quality and to further develop the company. Qualified procedures for the performance processes are established throughout the company. Continuous improvement is measured against key benchmarks, the establishment of objectives and verification of achievement.

Quality to us is not only the result of individual activities, reviews and assessments, but a holistic principle – from planning to delivery of the product. The continuous improvement process is an essential element of the quality philosophy of voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc.

Quality also means keeping an eye on the market, identifying customer preferences, and swiftly responding to changes. The constant improvement of our internal and external processes and the ongoing quest to obtain the necessary qualifications should strengthen our customers’ trust in voestalpine Automotive Components Cartersville Inc.

Bobby Ferguson

Bobby Ferguson

Quality Manager

T: +1 678 535 5322

E: bobby.ferguson@voestalpine.com




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