The assembly of components is one of our major capabilities.

In the assembly department pre-formed outer-, inner- and structural parts are assembled into complete, fit to be mounted on the vehicles, doors, bonnets, boot lids, tail-gates and other body parts for different automotive manufacturers. Both in steel and aluminum.

We use manual insertion processes on our smaller press to fit sheet-metal components with other additional components like rivets, springs and clips. This means that at this early stage, we can already define contact points, make connections with other components and prepare click-fit elements for use at a later stage.

To provide our customers with high-quality products we use in our various robotized Universal automated assembly cells various production means and techniques such as:

  • Clinching (joining the sheet metal parts together)
  • Sealing and glueing
  • Different types of welding (i.e. spot welding, resistance welding and MIG/MAG-welding)

We also work constructively, efficiently and fast in our assembly processes. Whether we are carrying out fully-automated production of assemblies or manual assembly work, we give components added value during the assembly process, e.g. by clinching or pressing in nuts and bolts.

Specific examples of assemblies produced by voestalpine Automotive Body Parts Inc. are:

  • Engine front covers
  • Tank ventilation tubes
  • Pulsers
  • Airbag housings
  • Driving collars
  • Roof rails

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