Quality Management

Our goal is to achieve 100% quality on a daily basis.

As a process and materials specialist, we join ranks with our customers to develop product solutions that live up to ever-higher requirements and ensure a successful market presence for our customers. Long-term partnerships, high quality standards and a drive for innovations make us the top professional partner for innovative automotive body parts.

The quality management system of voestalpine Automotive Body Parts Inc. has been certified according to ISO 9001 and VDA 6.1. These certifications are the base for our internal procedures and working instructions that guarantee the quality level of the output of our processes.

Quality creates safety and is an indispensable requirement for long-term success. It is an essential part of the activities of voestalpine Automotive Body Parts Inc. to safeguard maximum quality and to further develop the company. Qualified procedures for the performance processes are established throughout the company. Continuous improvement is measured against key benchmarks, the establishment of objectives and verification of achievement.

Quality to us is not only the result of individual activities, reviews and assessments, but a holistic principle – from planning to delivery of the product. The continuous improvement process is an essential element of the quality philosophy of voestalpine Automotive Body Parts Inc.

Quality also means keeping an eye on the market, identifying customer preferences, and swiftly responding to changes. The constant improvement of our internal and external processes and the ongoing quest to obtain the necessary qualifications should strengthen our customers’ trust in voestalpine Automotive Body Parts Inc.

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Bobby Ferguson

Bobby Ferguson

Quality Manager

T: +1 678 535 5322

E: bobby.ferguson@voestalpine.com


ISO 16949 Certification
Certificate (English, 104.03 kB)


ISO 9001 Certification
Certificate (English, 71.13 kB)


VDA 6.1 Certification
Certificate (English, 126.45 kB)

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