Best processing

  • Weight and volume reduction
    The reduced material thickness leads to light weight and smaller volume, which is a cost-saving advantage of all our alform® steel grades.
  • Best cuttability
    The production technologies used in making high-strength and ultra-high-strength alform® steel grades are designed to minimize residual stresses and to avoid distortions during thermal cutting. The low carbon content and homogeneous surface make these high-strength and ultra-high-strength alform® steel grades suitable for all conventional cutting methods.
  • Very good cold formability
    The homogeneous and fine-grained microstructure lends our alform® steel grades their decidedly improved forming behavior with more than twice the minimum yield strength than that of conventional structural steels.
  • Outstanding weldability
    The combination of thermomechanical rolling and micro-alloying makes it possible to achieve very low carbon content. The excellent weldability of high-strength and ultra-high-strength alform® steels is based on the low carbon content and the tempering-resistant base materials.
  • Excellent toughness
    During the development of our alform® steel grades, special emphasis was placed on the requirements of the crane building industry. Thermomechanical rolling and accelerated cooling lend our alform® steel grades a fine-grained structure and excellent toughness that make it possible for us to enter into agreements that exceed the applicable standards.

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